Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Choose a Luxury Holiday in the Maldives

by Michiel Van Kets

The Maldives are the perfect destination for anyone seeking a luxury holiday as they offer more than 80 islands for exploration. Each island has its own unique atmosphere and there are plenty of resorts that provide everything you could ever want from a tropical island. The Maldives are not only a popular destination with honeymooners and couples seeking romance, they also offer adventure.

There are actually around 1,200 separate islands located in the Maldives, although many of them are uninhabited. Set in the Indian Ocean, the nearest neighbors are India and Sri Lanka. The most populated island is Male, a busy thriving island where at least a third of the population lives and home to the international airport. Most people arriving in The Maldives fly into this airport and then have to get another smaller aircraft or a boat out to their chosen island or resort. The main area of Male is the northern waterfront and where most of the trade and business is carried out. The waterfront area and surrounding streets are teeming with shops selling plenty of local goods and produce. In the same area can be found the Fish Market and the Local Market, an interesting place to soak up the local culture and pick up a few bargains. You will see dried fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and the catch of the day arriving fresh from the fishermen.

The climate in the Maldives is constant all year around and temperatures average 70 - 80 degrees on most days. The islands are lush with foliage and exotic plants and the cool evening breezes from the ocean means that it is never too hot for visitors.

Think of the Maldives and the images that spring to mind are of stunning beaches, spectacular sunsets and luxurious resorts. However, investigate a little further and you will discover there are plenty of other activities to entertain you on these beautiful islands. Many activities are water-based with surfing, snorkeling and diving the most popular. You can always book a boat trip around the islands to investigate the most stunning beaches you are ever likely to see. On the beaches you will also find the opportunity to parasail and admire the views from above, join in a game of volleyball or try water-skiing.

The Maldives are a popular diving destination as the warm waters surrounding the islands are home to hundreds of exotic marine life and opportunities are plenty. Most resorts will be able to organize a diving trip for you. There are also safari cruises that let you experience the world under the ocean as well as looking for whales and dolphins and even sharks.

There is a variety of accommodation on offer in The Maldives and what you get depends on what you pay. If you are looking for a luxury holiday there are plenty of first-class resorts with delicious food, attentive staff and luxurious villas surrounded by turquoise waters and powdery white sands with private beaches. Choose from a thatched-roof bungalow set on stilts overlooking the ocean or a first-rate villa set in a private garden. Some resorts have every facility you would ever need for a luxury holiday, including fresh water lagoons, sea sports, their very own diving centre and spa treatments. They give you every reason not to have to leave the resort. Robinson Crusoe style hideaways are perfect for honeymooning couples with villas and rooms dotted along the beach, hidden away amongst the tropical plants and foliage they provide the ultimate in privacy.

The Maldives are the perfect destination for a luxury holiday providing sun, sand and sea on its numerous stunning islands. Also discover tailor made holidays in unique and colorful destinations like Kenya, Europe and the Caribbean that can be designed to meet your needs and fulfill all your expectations.

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