Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cost Effective Holidays For the Whole Family

By Chris Courtis

Plan Your Budget

The best way to afford a holiday is to plan well in advance, it is recommended to start saving the month after you have come back from your previous holiday. Of course, how much you can save will depend on how much money you bring in to the family as a whole, if you save just £50.00 per month this will give you £600.00 in total at the end of one year. This is more than enough money for a family to get away and enjoy a fantastic week together, it may even be enough for a holiday abroad but if not you can always enjoy taking a fantastic break in your own country.

Plan Your Transport

It is a common misconception that holidays are too expensive and cannot be affordable. If you do not have access to a car then you can look at alternative means of transport this can include coaches, buses or trains to get to your destination or to the airport. Like a lot of things you buy if you book them early then you can make very big savings and this is also the same with holidays or transport to your holiday destination. Take a good look around for the best deals and some of the air providers you can book your flights up to one year in advance for really big savings.

Take Advantage of Late and Early Deals

Many of the major suppliers will give what they call 'Early Bird' booking deals and these can be significant savings. However if you are not too worried about where you are going then you can do the reverse and get late deals, these can be huge savings as well but you run the risk of not being able to go away on holiday to the location of your choice. Late deals are really only a good idea if you are flexible and do not require to plan your holiday away.

All Inclusive Holidays

If you do not want any of those hidden charges that can add an expense to your holiday then it is a good idea to choose and all inclusive holiday. These are where everything is paid for in the price so when you arrive all of your food and sometimes drinks (check this before booking), accommodation and entertainment is free. This is most common if you are holidaying abroad

Holiday at Home

Try taking a break in your own country and explore what is right on your doorstep. The beauty of this is you can avoid having to pay expensive airfares which are a really high expense especially if you have to go away in the school holidays and there are lots of great value breaks including holiday parks, campsites, bed and breakfast, lodges and hotels to choose from.

Chris Courtis is proud to writer for Holidayparkhols which provide Holiday Park Breaks throughout the UK and Europe.